Women – How to Get the Respect You Deserve at Any Age

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In some cultures older women are seen as teachers, as the experts in living. Many Asians see age as a sign of security and knowledge; they revere their elders, which they consult, defer to, and respect. Is not it funny that in the United States we lie about our age as children to appear older and later in our lives we lie to make ourselves younger? Youth and immaturity drive a huge portion of the United States economy.

Why? First of all, we are a young country, so what can you expect? But we have also handed over our power to marketing forces that manipulate our fears and dissatisfaction with ourselves to sell us products.

Women are tired of this and ready to demand change. If media and marketers were smart they would realize the opportunity present in supplying women with products and services we really want and need. Will not it be great when women take their 85 percent buying power and demand more from the market, and insist that damaging negative myths and wonderful views of older women no longer being tolerated in our society?

We can use our marketing clout to make companies understand that women's priorities are to keep themselves and their families happy and healthy. We need products, services, and information to show us that older women are still visible, that the changes in our bodies such as a loss of muscle are not failures or reasons to feel guilty.

As older women we also need encouragement to get our nutrition and exercise plans on track. We want to feel good about our age and feel good about how we look, and we want our daughters and granddaughters to feel the same way. Only when companies support these goals will we become loyal to their brands.

We believe that women deserve to feel good about themselves no matter their age. We are tired of having to make excuses for ourselves. We want to rejoice in our lives and experiences, and feel free to not only treasure our memories, but to also continue to make new ones.

Women take a stand on aging in so many different ways. Some women join the Red Hat Society and parade around in their purple dresses to show the world they are over fifty and proud of it. But not all women are eager to join the parade. Many emphatically do not want to join a women's group, do not like getting older, and do not want anyone to know their age.

What Women Want and Need Most experts agree that the best way to stay youthful is to reduce stress. One of the first ways to do this is to have realistic expectations and to stop being so hard on ourselves. Developing healthy ways to nurture our bodies, minds, and spirits will ensure that we can be happy wherever we are.

Women need to know that we make a difference in this world and that with all of our talents we can use our feelings of passion and our purpose and not feel depressed, pissed, or dismissed. We want bliss, lots of bliss. We do not want any woman to feel invisible or excluded from life.

Each of us has reached – or will reach – a point of feeling dissatisfied as we get older. What to do? First of all, women have to dispel the myths and take pride in themselves to change these negative self-images (too fat, too thin, too flat-chested, too old, not pretty, not valued). We want and need to take back our personal power and re-invent ourselves as beautiful women with inner beauty and gifts to share.

Your Wonderful Life Use this checklist to evaluate where you are in your life. Write your answers, focusing on your gratitude for the positive answers and freely expressing your feelings about the negative ones. Note any areas you would like to change, then get started changing the negatives into positives.

~ Are you physically and financially safe?
~ What do you want? (Not, What do you need?)
~ Who do you know who can help you get what you want?
~ How do you define success?
~ Are you where you want to be?
~ Are you healthy, vital, and strong?
~ Do your relationships nurture and satisfy you?
~ Do you feel in control of your finances?
~ Are you afraid of getting older?

Do not let society define you into a small role! Expand your reach. Think BIG! You deserve the life of your dreams, no matter your age.

Source by Nancy D. O'Reilly, Psy.