Wind Versus Solar Power for Your Home

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A solar power system and a wind power system share basically the same concept. Both of them provide an independent, renewable source of electricity generation for your home. However, their methods of generation are completely different from one another and this leads to a comparison of their advantages and disadvantages for choosing the best method for your home. There are several factors that lead to deciding if wind power or solar power is better for your home.

Amount of sunlight your home receives: As electricity generation from solar power is directly proportional to the amount of sunlight your home receives, you should first calculate if your area does receive enough sunlight through the year. Along with that you should see if the sunlight is not obstructed from your roof in any way. Obstacles such as tall trees, distant mountains and surrounding buildings may not allow the sun rays to fall directly on the solar panel which would decrease the electricity production by a substantial amount. As the areas near the equator tend to get strong sunlight for a longer period of time than the areas far away from the equator, they would be better suited for homes with solar power systems. If your home is in a place surrounded by structures of the same height, a solar panel will be much more effective than a wind powered system.
Availability of wind in your location

Wind power systems may or may not be the best option for your home. If your home is in a location where wind is shielded by obstacles such as nearby mountains, the effectiveness of wind power would be much less than desired. However if your home is in a location that is at a height above any surrounding structures, there may be a much greater potential of power generation using wind power. If your home is near water bodies such as a sea or lake, there would be a larger movement of air currents across your home which would lead to better power generation from a wind turbine.
The pros and cons of solar power and wind power

Solar power systems as well as wind power systems both have their pros and cons. Wind power systems generate noise which some people find disturbing, while others do not feel the same way. Along with that if there are a few days at a stretch when there is no wind; the wind turbine may not generate any temporary electricity for that period. However wind turbines do not function only during a part of the day, such as solar panels and can continue generating electricity throughout the night. Solar panels can generate power only during the day, but are completely silent and are unobtrusive. As solar panels do not have any moving parts, they usually last longer than wind turbines, which need to be serviced every few months as well as need inspection from time to time to see if they are safe. All in all you should first weigh the pros and cons of the two power generating options so that you can make the correct decision regarding your home.

Source by Tyler P Wells