Wind Turbines – Using the Best Location

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There are many natural energy resources that nature has provided us. Combined with technological advances there is no reason for industrialized countries not to gravitate away from fossil fuels and dirty energy whenever possible. In addition to solar power technologies, another great way to utilize natural resources is through the power of wind. Wind turbines are successfully utilized to generate energy provided by wind. An oscillating fan or a swift car passing by gives the sensation of swift airflow as does the wind.

In great amounts the winds packs tremendous energy generating potential. You may observe tall wind turbines scattered among open fields. A traditional windmill was used as a means of crushing grains on windy days. As the blades turn in the movement of the internal mechanisms is created, finally resulting in the crushing of grain into flour. There are certain geographical locales ideal for wind energy generation.

Some turbines are located off-shore which, of course typically windy climates and they utilize water

generated power. Other benefits from the off-shore turbines are that they provide no noise disturbance to society. Water does not have the same surface roughness as land resulting in stronger wind conditions thus more energy generated. The placement of wind-turbines away from social interference is increasingly evident as they are appearing more and more off-shore. The biggest complaints people have with turbines is that they are quite noisy and not very aesthetically pleasing.

Despite their small inconveniences to people, the purpose of utilizing wind turbines is for the reduction in dependence and conservation of fossil fuels. Off-shore turbines do become more expensive as they must be built higher to prevent any restrictions. Underwater cables are the conduit as they host high voltage direct current. Another drawback is the fact that weather conditions at sea are much more extreme resulting in accelerated wear on the turbines.

When placed closer to the shore turbines may be seen but not heard. They generate greater power as water produces ample energy. The breaks and contours of coastline get very windy due to changing tides and present wind. All these ingredients are the perfect recipe for turbine generated power. There is some concern with shore line turbines as to their impact on wildlife and the impact these turbines may have on shoreline visitors. Turbine towers can be reduces but this creates opposition as well. Smaller models produce less energy as the towers are smaller.

No matter the location there are pros and cons to any wind turbine location. You need to review these considerations and weigh the benefits and disadvantages of each to review the best option.

Source by Thomas Metscher