Wind Turbines – How Long Have They Been Around?

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One of the most popular ways of alternative energy are wind turbines. As time passes by wind turbines are constantly growing within their people’s interest, particularly with the new green movement. Windmills are great in that they receive energy through a source that will never run out. This is why wind turbines are becoming more and more popular. When were wind turbines first introduced into the world? Are they are a new invention?

Essentially wind turbines were made first between 500-900 A.D. by the Persians and were used as a water pumping system. The original windmill model was the vertical axis. This vertical axis was made with vertical sails designed with reeds grouped together to the central vertical shaft by horizontal struts. The windmill concept then moved over to Western Europe in the appearance of a horizontal axis in 1270 A.D. The model was changed because they saw the structural efficiency of drag-type for the horizontal axis wind turbines was greater than that of the vertical axis. The wind turbine was then changed to be able to be used in many ways such as grain grinding, saw milling of timber, pumping water, and irrigation. It was in 1888 that Americans were then able to successfully create a multi-blade wind turbine design that was to produce electricity.

From this point on the model of the windmill continued to change to be more efficient in creating the highest output of electricity. From the 1970s to 1990s countries would begin to make wind farms in a way for alternative energy over fossil fuel, more than ever during the Arab oil crisis in 1973. At that point the United States government started to get involved and started to finance some of the wind energy programs as an alternative energy source. From here on the models of wind turbines were perfected into producing the maximum amount of kilowatts for the lowest amount of cost.

Energy production for wind turbines is starting to be cheaper than other ways. Wind turbines are even said to be under pricing the capital costs of almost every other power plant type in other countries! This is good for people since they can start building their own windmill for their home. This will give people the chance to lower their electricity costs and stop depending on the electric company.

Source by Adam Renrav