Wind Turbine for Home Use

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Many people are beginning to appreciate the value of homebrew wind turbines. The biggest issue holding back the new popularity of this energy source is the fact that much of the population don’t realize how good the rate of return on this investment really is. They also don’t understand that you can build a diy wind turbine with a very small investment.

We all need to understand that these home made wind turbine plans as alternative power sources are very important. Wind power can relieve the pressure on current energy supplies. It is also a non polluting clean source of energy.

If we hope to retain our natural resources and ensure that we will continue to have energy for the future. A relatively unused source is wind energy. When the wind is blowing we can have a steady flow of electrical energy.

When you build your own wind turbine you are your own energy source and in full control of costs. When you utilize a home made wind turbine plan you will grab wind energy and convert it into mechanical energy which can then be changed into electrical energy.

When you learn how to make your own wind turbineyou will help eliminate or at least reduces the need and dependence on our naturally occurring organic fuels and take us a step closer to relieving the pressure on our environment.

It is relatively inexpensive to have one of these homebrew wind turbines on your property and the cost of startup can be less than two hundred dollars. Small wind turbines for home use can supply electricity for lighting, refrigeration, TV and other household appliances.

Having your own micro wind turbines will allow you to drastically reduce the energy costs utilizing what can essentially be considered no cost electricity.

You will discover a horizontal axis turbine and a vertical axis turbine. The horizontal axis turbines are the more often used and you should think about using these when deciding how to make a wind turbine. The horizontal design places the blade and rotor at the top of a tower.

This design also allows the gearbox and generator to be placed on the ground, making access for servicing more user friendly. This design however may be less efficient because it generates more torque and drag.

You may be asking yourself what is a low cost wind turbine? You can get started under $200. Wind power is safe, clean and renewable. Constructing a homemade wind turbine is not only quite practical, but is also an environmentally friendly answer to suatain today’s energy demands.

Source by Alexis Garrison