Wind Power – Energy of the Future

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Its no surprise that our dependence on fossil fuels is a dangerous one. With the worlds demand for energy growing at an unpracted rate it is time to look elsewhere for our future energy sources. Renewable energy is no longer a back-burner idea. Its something that investors are pumping billions into, as its being put into action around the world. China's plans are to increase their wind power to service 30% of there energy requirements by year 2020; that's nearly 100GW or 100,000MW.

The USA is not far behind with projections of nearly 20% of its energy being generated through wind power by 2020. Fossil fuels are going to become more and more expensive as the world reserves diminish each year by approximately 4.5%.

There has not been any large fossil fuel discoveries in years now, and a lot of the major wells are beginning to dry up. The Saudi's claim to have some 250 Billion barrels of oil reserves remaining but they refuse to allow an audit to provide proof of these estimates.

The Chinese have taken the lead as the largest wind turbine manufacturers with two of their companies pushing aggressive distribution plans. GoldWind and Sinovel are the two largest Chinese companies that have really stepped up and taken over the turbine market, however there are some American companies that will be a large part of the show also. Vestas has a 20% market share in the alternative energy sector and there are others that fall into the same category. I believe that the best places to pull profit from this huge new energy sector are going to be the small cap companies that form strategic alliances and get into the action on the ground floor.

One of these companies is A-Power Energy Generation (APWR). Currently trading at about $ 8.36, this company has a huge position. Its partnered with GE, and has a lot of major alliances and nice contracts through Chinese Shenyang Power Alliance. This company could easily be trading at $ 20 / share at this time next year, especially if the new Cap & Trade tax is set to law.

Source by Leo Gregoire