Wind Power – Advantages and Disadvantages

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Wind power for you home. You can actually have it and possibly start your journey to living off the power grid. There are some things to do though to make sure it is a right choice for you.

  1. Check with your neighbors. It will not be good to alienate your friends if it's not something they want to see. Yes it is your property but do you really want to be on bad footing with people? Also check with the zoning for your neighborhood as it might not even be allowed.
  2. And it goes without saying that you really should live in an area that gets a lot of wind as there's no real sense to spending the money and not get any use out of it.

A benefit to not having to use the electrical grid for your power is if you are renting out properties you can advertise to potential tenants that they will not have any electric bills. You've got no problems renting your places then will you?

With every benefit there are also disadvantages, the fly in the ointment so to speak. The biggest one for wind turbines is what happens when the wind is not blowing? Obviously no power. That's why wind power will only be a small piece of the overall global warming fight picture.

Another problem is you will need enough space from your house and your neighbors' homes, and from trees to be able to have the wind getting to the turbines. The problem here is the longer the distance the more resistance in the power cables going to your house and consequentially the less power you'll be able to use. But do not let that discourage you as you might have the perfect set of conditions to use a residential wind turbine.

Probably the largest benefit to wind power is the fact that there is no air pollution coming from them. This will not only help fight climate change it will also likely help reduce health care costs as there is likely to be a reduced rate of respiratory illnesses.

If you have asthma or are prone to lung infections you would probably like this aspect a lot.

Another benefit to wind power and other forms of renewable energy is we will have less need to rely on oil from unstable and tyrannical regimes. We will not have to keep propping up tin pot thugs who oppress their own people.

Source by Ian D Worrall