Wind Alternator – 5 Steps to Cut Energy Costs

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Are you worried about the rising cost of energy in your home? A wind alternator coupled with a well insulated home can make a huge dent in your energy expenses. Plus, making the necessary changes with wind power is not that expensive, if you are willing to do a lot of the work your self. Winterization can be just a few tweaks in your homes insulation in some of the places small cracks and crevices of your home exterior.

1. Let us talk about a wind alternator first. Capturing the wind and turning it into electrical energy is easier that you thought. All it takes is a wind turbine to generate the energy captured from the wind. A wind turbine is a fairly simple machine that sits atop a pole (tower) in your yard. This is a project that you can do yourself and save a bundle of cash.

2. A fireplace can be a great asset to your home, but it can also be a large waste of energy. Most fireplaces have inadequate draft prevention; it literally pulls the heat out of your home. So, one of the best things to do if you have fireplace is to block the chimney to prevent drafts. There are several ways to do this. It is wise to get a professional to look at your chimney if you do not feel comfortable doing a project like this yourself. And, while you are at it have it cleaned, to prevent fires.

3. Windows may be the next big energy waster. Inspect your windows to see if you can feel a draft around them. Look at the caulk around the edges of the window frame and putty around the glass. Make any repairs necessary.

4. Something you should do every year is to have your furnace checked by a professional and be sure to change the filter. Check with your furnace company as some furnaces have different recommendations on when your filter should be changed.

5. While you are having your furnace checked, take a look at your thermostat. If you upgrade to a newer thermostat you can have the option of setting the thermostat to a lower setting at times when you are not home or at night while you sleep. This can make a big difference in your energy cost.

As you can see making a few changes can make a big difference in what your energy for your home cost. And, this is just the beginning, for instance you can even sell your extra energy to the electric company that you produce with your wind alternator. So, get busy and check out all the possibilities for energy savings.

Source by Stephen Wisley