Where To Buy Replacement Blind Slats

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Replacing your vertical blind slats is very easy and will save you a great amount of money. Once you have decided that you would like new blinds and you have realised that the operating rail of your current vertical blinds is still in good working order you will notice that you can replace the louvres as opposed to the full unit.

Removing your louvres

The easiest way to remove your old blind slats is to pull all of the slats into the open position until they are all bunched together, then you simply remove the louvres one by one taking care as over time the plastic hangers can become very brittle and snap under pressure.

Measuring for your new slats

After you have removed the vertical blind slats you can now measure them. The best way to measure for your new louvres is tolay the old slats out flat on the ground then measure the fabric part of the slat.

Give your windows a fresh look

Your windows will appear glowing and will look fantastic. Replacement blinds will make your old slats look terribble on comparison to your new louvres.

Extensive selection on offer

An abundance of replacement slats can be found on the internet, our company has been manufacturing blinds for over 20 years now and we sell blinds nationwide. A huge selection of styles, colours and patterns can be found with a simple internet search or by clicking the Orion Blinds link in the Author details section underneath.

The cost of replacing your slats

Any good online retailer for replacement slats will sell them for under £2 per louvre, however you can find them throughout our website for as little as £1.40 per slat.

Source by James Atkinson