What You Need To Know About Zamp Solar Plugs

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Jim has a new YouTube channel at fullmoonadventureclub https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsEJbOlBiCRCvEPed01AUig What You Need To Know About …



15 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About Zamp Solar Plugs

  1. Cobalt

    DO WHAT? What do you mean it doesn't have a charge controller? So that port is just a wire that goes to my battery with no charge controller? I just got my RV today and have to check in the morning, but if that is the case I am going to blow my top! This is one hell of a scam Zamp.

  2. SoCal Gal

    Wow! Thanks Jim, I'm looking into the zamp only because it's "recommended" for my Coleman Viking Travel trailer…I knew harbor freight had a system that was cheaper but….if I'm running a zamp, I don't negate any warranty.
    Thanks again for your help!

  3. P. Elise S

    I talked with a Zamp customer service person today and he said that Zamp does NOT have reverse polarity and that that info is incorrect. Now I'm confused by your video.

  4. Mark Landgren

    My Samlex solar panel came with alligator clips as well. In a pinch can I just bypass the Zamp outlet and clip pos/pos and neg/neg direct to the battery…..or does that need to be reversed as well?
    Great video by the way

  5. Thomas Smith

    Thanks for video. Very helpful. I have one concern. In your reply to a comment asking for a link to the adapter you showed links to a product at soalrdealz that notes in the description that it shouldn't be used with panels greater than 80 watts. Given most people will use 100-200 watt panels, you should maybe make that clear to people or is there an adapter for a larger solar suitcase? Also I. The same comment you shared a link to how you used the adapter, but the link just takes you to YouTube not a specific video. Thanks!

  6. ZEUKI1

    Thank you for this Information…. I wish my salesman, and RV manufacturer was a little more informed. This is the first accurate information I have come across that explains what solar prepped actually means. All that is on my trailer is a plug.. no sticker.. no brochure in sales literature, nothing in the owners documentation. Of course our salesman told us " its all ready set up for solar, you just plug in a panel and it charges the batteries" LOL. So I spent the better part of an afternoon opening every panel tracing the wiring to the battery….. to find it just went straight to the battery. Good to know thank you again!!!

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