What Is a Wind Generator and How Can You Save On Power Costs and Avoid Power Cuts?

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What is a wind generator?

A wind generator is a machine that converges wind energy into electrical energy. It also can store this energy as electricity for later use.

It converges wind energy into mechanical energy by the movement of the blades capturing the wind's power. This in turn causes the blades of a motor to rotate to produce electrical energy. They are in use commercially to produce thousands of megawatts of electricity, and, they can effectively provide low-cost power systems for single farms. They work very well in large areas that have good wind speeds.

Anyone can set up a home generator using any number of good guides available, and they do not need the services of a professional. There are also wind system components available available as well.

What is the difference between a wind generator and a wind turbine or windmill?

A wind generator has been in use as a wind turbine or a windmill for centuries, dating back as far back as the 13th century. They were useful for many things from grinding corn, to pumping water and pulling boats.

Wind turbine, windmill and wind generator are names generally referring to the same apparatus.

So how is a wind generator advantageous?

There are many benefits in using a wind system. Here are a few:

Generators are kind to the environment and green in a couple of ways:

  • There are no harmful substances produced in the use of them.
  • They do not require fuel to generate electricity and therefore give into the environment rather than depleted resources.

They save power and offer an alternative power system. They use a renewable resource and do not use up any other limited sources of energy.

Apart from the original cost of installation, the maintenance cost is essentially nil, as is the running cost. This means that your electricity will be paid for and free within a short period.

This system is self-reliant and means that you no longer need to rely on external sources of power. You are now able to generate your own power for all your future needs.

By being able to store energy, the generator ensures that you have continuous energy supply with no unexpected power outages to inconvenience your household.

And, that last benefit mentioned above means that you can store your power, not only to ensure a continuous flow but it means you have power for another time.

By investing in a wind generator, not only will you save on your own electricity costs and ensuring an uninterrupted supply for your family, you will be doing your bit for the current energy crisis and helping the world we live in.

Source by Johanna Baker