What Are the Negatives of Using a Windmill at Home?

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Windmills currently supply approximately approximately 50. percent of the electricity used in the United States and that number is rising daily. Wind power is a efficient, cheap, and environmentally friendly source of energy to power your home but not many article writers tell you about the negatives that are connected with using windmills around your home.

This article is just a quick rundown of the possible downsides that you might have to overcome while using a windmill near your home to make electricity.

  • How loud they can be. Most people picture windmills as gently rotating blades circling around in a soft breeze but the reality is they can be quite loud in a strong wind if a noise dampener is not installed. If you've ever lived near, or even just driven by a windmill farm the loud "whoooosh, whooosh" noise as the blades spin can be irritating. Just a few windmills around your home will not make much noise, but any more than two and you might want to rethink the idea.
  • As a windmill makes power where it does go? As your windmill generates power it either needs to be used immediately or stored somewhere, otherwise your generator will burn up from overload. You have two options of dealing with excess power that you make: you can either be hooked up to the local power grid and sell the excess power to the power company or you have to set up a large battery storage area to hold the electricity until you need it. The power company will have to connect your windmill to the local power grid if thats the decision you make and they will charge you for it. Depending on where your power lines are on your property it can cost quite a bit.
  • The wind is not a steady power source. It does not always generate power because, depending on where you live, the wind is not always flowing around your home. To provide a constant source of energy, wind power needs to be used with another energy source for a constant energy output.
  • If a speed dampener is not installed when you initially constructed the windmill, your blades can be broken or your generator burnt out if the wind blows too strong.

I hope this list of some of the possible negatives that can be associated with using wind power does not put you off the idea that you can use wind power for your home. A small windmill is still one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to reduce your electric bill for your home.

Source by Joshua Vadney