Welding Stainless Steel with SOLAR FLUX | TIG Time

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27 thoughts on “Welding Stainless Steel with SOLAR FLUX | TIG Time

  1. theravedaddy

    Nice, im gonna have to bring this with me on a plane cos im not paying 5 times the purchase price to import it. It gonna be interesting at check in security when they find me with a pot of brown powder…..

  2. Maszynowa.pl

    Hi 🙂 Thanks for this movie! We would really like to link it on our website, to show and emphasize our clients the advantages of Solar Flux. Of course with information that it's weld.com's property. We would like to have your permission before we do this. Thank you in advance 🙂

  3. Glyn Churchman

    The cleanup is what's bothering me. If you can't reach it to remove the glassified material then what's the potential that it could damage a turbo later on as it flakes off or even become soft, then releases and gums up the turbine blade?

  4. TMoD7007

    What's the mechanism of this protection? Is it just a powdered compound, that melts on the backside forming a barrier for air oxygen?
    What has the alcohol got to do with it except for building some easily drying slurry?

  5. Daniel Seman

    Did you let the flux dry on the backside before you welded it?  I have tried this product and wasn't able to get near the results you were getting in your demo.  I was having trouble with the alcohol evaporating too quickly when I mixed also.

  6. Joel Pearson

    +weld.com i'm thinking about getting a magnification lens for the auto darkening helmet on my profile pic, is there any guide to which level of magnification i need? ( i have good vision, just want a closer look on my work) 

  7. Mark Benoit

    Was wondering about this stuff I have known some people that use it, I seen it for sale ranging from $37 to $72. Now the question is, is it cheaper to back purge with argon or use the flux?

  8. Drew

    Are you able to do x Ray on that weld? If love to see whether the "flux" resulted in any inclusions.
    Thanks for the videos!

  9. Weld.com

    We agree that it is often difficult to determine the "review" from the advertisement. That is why we preface to all manufacturers that we will gladly review their products, but you may not always get a good one… Thanks for watching!

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