Visitor Here To Improve Our Off Grid Solar Power Wiring

We have a guest here who drove across the country to meet us and rewire our entire solar power system as a wedding gift for Melanie and myself. This is Solar Power Electricity and Electronics from YouTube.

Philip drove a long way to come over. He brought his family as well and we not only worked, but we had a good time as well during their stay.

Philip brought us some old HF solar panel kits, a lower power consumption inverter, a 10 amp MMPT solar charge controller and a meter for the Renogy MPPT solar charge controller that I already have.

I immediately put the meter in the system so I can see what I am bringing into the off grid tiny house on wheels now with the new solar panels on the roof of the battery shed. I was running blind before.

Philip has a 3,000 watt solar panel system on his own home but he gets a lot more sunlight hours each day than we do because he lives in a more southern climate.

He is able to run a lot of normal household appliances on his system during the daytime.

Have a look at his channel here:

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