Vertical Axis Wind Turbine – How I Spent My Summer Vacation

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Vertical what? Okay, before I lose you, let me explain. A vertical axis wind turbine is more commonly known as a windmill. It is a device used to harness the renewable natural resource of wind energy and convert it to usable power. I have always stared at amazement at the wind farms on my way to visit my in-laws in Walla Walla, Washington. And it never fails; every time we pass by these massive vertical axis wind turbines my wife will begin to educate me on the cost. She says that to buy one of them alone requires an upfront cost of $ 25,000!

That's why before this past summer, I thought only large corporations could use vertical axis wind turbines efficiently. But, with a couple weeks of vacation that I had to use or lose on my hands, (No, I'm not complaining, everyone loves time off from work.)

I began to research ways to save money on my utility bills. I found lots of little tips like changing to fluorescent light bulbs, adding plastic to the windows during the winter, and turning off computers and televisions at the power-strip. It was a website claiming that I could cut my electricity bill in half or even automatically eliminate it that got me fired up. I thought, "Yeah Right".

Again, I thought that if this was really true, that I could drastically reduce my monthly electricity bill, then why was not everyone I knew talking about it? In an effort to prove their claims wrong (that's just how I am) I purchased the manual and got to work. I figured, what did I have to lose. I had time off work. I like to build things. And, there was a money-back guarantee.

Like a cat that has just killed a mouse, I proudly announced my intent to build a vertical wind turbine and prove the claims of this website wrong, to my wife. At first she laughed it off as another one of my whims. But soon she was as caught up in the spirit of it as I was. She helped me locate parts for the wind turbine and read the manual as I proceeded through the construction phase.

All in all, the project was a great success. However, I do have to admit that I was wrong.

Admitting defeat is not easy for me. But in this case, I still feel like I came out the winner. Turns out that the do-it-yourself vertical wind turbine does actually work. It generates electricity! Right now we have it hooked up to run the freezer in our garage and charge a few of my tools. Now, the book claims that I can hook the vertical wind turbine into the main power of my home. You know I'm gonna try it. But, that will have to wait for my next day off.

Source by Michael Crans