Understanding Wind Turbine Generators

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Wind turbine generators are devices that convert kinetic energy from the wind and convert it into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is then converted into electrical power. What are the advantages of this technology? Renewable energy sources, environmentally friendly sources of power and lower electricity bills all around.

Then why has not society seen more wind turbine generators in use? It's not necessarily the fault of utility companies, considering that they have to cooperate with this new form of technology, as stated by the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978. This act laid out the framework of how a wind turbine generator functions along with electricity.

The utility company provides standard energy for households whenever the wind turbine system is unavailable, because of low speed winds. Also, the homeowner can legally sell unused energy from the turbine back to the utility company. This system has allowed many homeowners to lower their monthly electricity bill to less than $ 20 a month.

The two main problems in getting these devices installed are that some wind turbine generators are very big and impractical for most homes and because landlords (of rented homes or apartments) forbid the wind turbine system. The invention of the small wind turbine system has proven to be very marketable, as these systems can conveniently fit on a person's roof.

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Source by Jack M Patterson