Tumo-Int 3000W Low Frequency DC 48V to AC 110V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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Tumo Int Low Frequency and Pure Sine Wave Inverter

●Tumo Int pure sine wave inverter is designed to function the renewable wind and solar energy power equipment, this is an off grid inverter and is to power up household appliances.
●This inverter has battery charge function, priority charge to battery by using utility grid power, whenever a low utility grid power happen or utility grid power cutting off, the CPU will control the inverter and change inverter’s charge mode into solar power charge as supplementary charge automatically.
●High-performance CPU is adopted as core processing unit, together with SPWM pulse-width modulation technology, Tumo Int pure sine wave inverter is working reliable and efficient.
●Multiple protections also been applied in order to protect the safety of end user.

Product Basic Specification:

Rate input: 48VDC
Battery Charge Grid Range: 75~135VAC
Input frequency: 60Hz

Rated power: 3000W
Stable output: 120V±3%
THD: ≤3%

Charging voltage: 55.2±0.2V
Max.charging current: 20A
Protection class: IP30

Work temperature: -10℃~50℃
Automatic switchover: solar, wind and grid charge switchover automatically
Communication port: RS232/R11/J45 (optional)

Packing List:

1*Tumo Int 3000W pure sine wave Inverter
1*sample cable
1*user manual

Please Note:

This is not a grid tied inverter, it only has the function to adopt grid power to charge battery, but it cannot adopt solar power or wind power to charge the utility grid.Low frequency pure sine wave inverter is suitbale to power most of household appliances
Typically designed for solar power system, not only powering household load, but also has function to charge battery bank
A use of utility grid power to charge battery bank as prior, solar power charge supplementary, lithium battery, lead acid battery, car battery applicable
Multiple protections such as low volt, over volt, over load, over temperature protection, battery anti-polarity, intelligent over heat fan cooling control
Lithium battery, lead acid battery, car battery applicable