Tropical Forest & The Biggest Fort of Puerto Rico by Sailing JAEKA, week 19

We are in a place where we can buy accessories to improve our audio quality and finish up with Jack’s water maker. So, we rented a car for 2 days to be able to visit all stores in a shorter time. We also visited a rain forest – the only tropical forest in the USA. It was a lovely place with rich fauna and flora. The day after we met one more time Terry, a guy who was sitting in the marina in George Town during the hurricane with us. It was so funny as we neither called each other nor tried to get in touch, and again we are staying together at the same place. We also visited El Morro fort, the biggest one in the Caribbean.

We are an international couple – Jack (from France), Kateryna (from Ukraine). We have been crossing this wonderful life together since 10 years. Finally (after many years of dreaming) we are living a “true” life. We have a plan to sail across all oceans (almost), and will be happy to share this adventurous lifestyle with you!

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