Trijicon’s SRS Solar Powered Sight: Guns & Gear|S4

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In this segment of Guns and Gear® Season 4, the SRS sight from Trijicon is both solar-powered and battery-powered, which means in any light, this red dot sight …



14 thoughts on “Trijicon’s SRS Solar Powered Sight: Guns & Gear|S4

  1. TheThedot

    The price is way too high, I am sure you did not sell many this year. Made in America means the CEO gets by with three homes and not eighty plus. And no more free meals for you pigs. brown bag your own lunch.

  2. TheThedot

    It would be cool if they could go a step beyond, and during sunlight peeks enough to generate power to the AA rechargeable battery for later use at night.

  3. Bulwark1911

    It seems great, but i'm not sure why they went with a battery backup instead of Tritium that's kind of their calling card. But I guess at a 3 year life, throwing a Lithium AA in it won't add too much weight.

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