Toro 51618 Super Leaf Blower Vac, 225 mph

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The Toro Company 51618 Electric Super Leaf Blower/Vac/Shredder

Toro 51618 Super Blower

The Toro Super Blower Vac (model 51618) features a two-speed motor, and even easier conversion between blowing and vacuuming. The powerful 210-mph maximum air stream clears sticks, debris and even large, heavy leaves. It converts quickly to an aggressive vacuum without any tools and reduces leaves up to 10 bags to 1. The two-speed motor gives you more control in both blower and vacuum modes.

Includes multiple inserts for multiple applications.

Multiple Tubes for Specialized Uses

Main Tube — moves debris away from house, shrubs, etc.Power Insert — moves debris into wind rows and creates pilesConcentrator — moves debris out of cracks, edging and moves stubborn leaves

Use finely cut mulch in your garden to help recycle raw materials.

Leaf Reduction

Reduce yard waste from up to ten bags of leaves down to one. Use this finely cut mulch in your garden or on top of a compost to help recycle raw materials.

Easy to reach speed control

2-Speed Motor

Toro gives this blower/vac the ability to balance between air speed (measured in miles per hour, or mph) and air volume (measured in cubic feet per minute, or cfm) to ensure maximum power and performance. High speed has the power necessary to tackle tough lawn chores; but sometimes too much power will only create a mess. Use low speed on hard surfaces and in tight areas.

Better performance in your yard makes each job easier.

Better Vacuuming Performance

A unique fan design reduces clogging and improves the vacuuming flow rate, which results in better vacuum performance.

Convert from vacuum to blower in seconds without tools.

Quick Conversion

The Quick-Release Latch lets you convert your blower into a vacuum in seconds without tools.

3 machines in one; powerful blower, high speed vacuum and leaf shredder
Up to 225 mph air speed
Up to 81% of mulched debris reduced to less than 1/2-inch
Quick-Release latch for easy, no tools conversion
Debris reduction varies with material type and its condition