Titan Aerospace unveils the world’s first solar-powered UAVs

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Originally published on August 26, 2013 Aircraft designer Titan Aerospace unveiled last week its Solara 50 and 60 unmanned aircrafts, the world’s first …



18 thoughts on “Titan Aerospace unveils the world’s first solar-powered UAVs

  1. Georges Radjou

    Interesting! If it can cut on satellite costs and change the operational logistic. it is fine. What about the competitors. maybe for the facebook application but, for the drones. As it is cheap and affordable, everybody can fly it own drone (and use also, its own application). I like the idea to be given a go…Weldone solar 15 and 16 and new services for these countries that cannot afford to pay for costly satellites… 

  2. HeroOfMacedonia

    Realy?? Internet connection?? This people in the rural areas in Africa have no food on the table nor shoes on their feet and you are giving them internet connection? On what are they going to connect to the internet? Their iPhones and Galaxy S5?

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