Three Reasons to Harness Homemade Wind Power

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As the cost of living continues to go up I'm sure you are listening more and more about alternative fuels and renewable resources. Wind power is becoming more and more common in some states and even provides as much as three percent of those states power needs. That may seem very small, but trust me, that is a lot of energy being generated from nothing more than wind. What you may not realize is that you too can harness the wind that flows across your own backyard. There are many reasons to look into harnessing homemade wind power, but maybe three big ones will convince you.

First off, wind is free! This may seem like a silly point, but try to think about the things you use everyday, gasoline for your car, electricity for your house, oil or propane to heat your home. All of those cost money. You can do lots with those resources, but you have to pay for them first. With wind power there is no cost. You have only the initial investment into purchasing or buying your wind generator, and then its all profit from there. There is no wind tax and in fact you may even get a tax break for using renewable resources, depending on your state. Also many power companies will pay you if you produce surplus electricity.

Second, using wind power is safe for the environment. There is no pollution produced, only clean energy. There have been some concern that too many wind turbines will take too much energy out of the earth's weather cycle and that change weather patterns. There is no creditability to these claims though. Think of all the massive buildings we put up, they all slow down the wind, they all take energy out of the system because of the resistance they cause. Do you see horrible weather changes because of it? Of course not. Putting up your own wind turbines will in no way harm the environment, and that is a big plus.

Last, you will have the peace of mind that no matter what happens to the power company's lines, you will always have a supply of energy for your home. How many times have you sat in the dark because someone was driving drunk and hit a power pole? Or because a tree fell and brought down the power lines? Well, you will no longer have to worry about all that because you will be producing your own power, and the more turbines you put up, the more power you will produce. Should you want, you could even go completely off the grid and rely entirely on yourself for energy production.

Source by Henry Markson