Thermodynamic Solar Panels Save Energy Group

Save Energy Group, in Poole has launched the Solar Thermodynamic system, a new breed of solar energy product able to fulfil one hundred percent of your hot water requirements all year round.

Without being restricted to daylight hours, it provides energy generaton 24/7, 365 days of the year. Hot water is produced at 55°C year round, providing outstanding thermal efficiency and the ability to work through whatever the British climate has to offer including sun, rain, wind and snow.

The Thermodynamic heating system is a flat, all-black aluminium panel for discreet energy generation. Installation is simplicity itself and can be carried out, from start to finish, in just one day. The panel offers the flexibility of roof or wall mounting and is not limited to a South facing location.

Suitable for both commercial and domestic use, the Thermodynamic heating system offers the peace of mind of a reliable, tried and tested product with thousands of installations in the field and practically non-existent maintenance needs.

Given all the benefits of the system it remains extremely cost-effective, with domestic installations from Save Energy Group starting at just £6,800, paid for with money you will spend anyway, with a return on investment between 5 and 12%. Conventional sanitary hot water systems depend on gas, oil or electric boilers to heat the water.

Not only are they lacking in efficiency compared to their solar energy equivalents, they are also increasingly more expensive to run, not to mention their cost to the environment. Applications: The Thermodynamic system can alternate between heating the hot water in your swimming pool in spring, summer and autumn and heating your house using traditional radiators or underfloor heating during winter.

For commercial use the Thermodynamic system will heat large volumes of water for use in hotels, shopping centres, food processing factories, restaurants, clinics, schools and municipal government buildings.