The Top Green Cities in America

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Individuals who really care about their environment and value being outside may be very interested in living in an environment that is earth friendly. Global warming is a concern of everyone and attention has been drawn to this problem in hopes that individuals would make life changes in order to help with the situation. There are certain cities in the United States that have a handle on being green more than others and they would be a perfect home for individuals that are aware of the environment and the problems associated.

The first green city is Austin in Texas. It is the top city in the United States when referring to producing biodiesel and using wind for power. This city is extremely proactive and is always thinking of ways to develop new sources of green energy power. They are planning to have it as a standard for new homes that are constructed to be zero net-energy capable. They have set a goal for themselves to be the most energy efficient location by 2015.

Berkeley, California is good about using other means of transportation that do not cause pollution in the atmosphere such as walking or riding bikes. The population in this city is extremely high and by using other forms of transportation the potential amount of pollution is reduced greatly. Clean-technology has expanded throughout the entire city and this city is really doing its part to make our earth greener.

The leader in the nation in a variety of different areas is Boston, Massachusetts. They aspire to be able to generate power by using used cooking oil that restaurants would otherwise dispose of. This idea is not so far fetched some cities use this idea as well. There is one fire department in Alabama that asks residents to bring their used cooking oil to the fire station and they use it to fuel their fire trucks. Think about how much money would be saved and how much of our other resources would be saved by using old cooking oil for power.

The green leader of the Midwest is Chicago, Illinois. They have a lot of resources that allows their residents to recycle, which is a huge aspect of being green. They purchase renewable energy and are big on building green. A huge percentage of the residents in this city use public transportation to get around the city, which is very effective in lowering the amount of hazardous emissions released into the atmosphere. Another city whose residents use a lot of public transportation is New York, New York. New York has an extremely large population and they make the best of it by using public transportation and their residents on average use less power than other Americans.

Source by Bruce Swedal