The Solar Wizard – FREE Electricity…Forever! Save BIG Electric $$$$ with this fun project. Check out the Easy Steps and Clear Plans in this incredible Manual!

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Create your own Solar Wizard – discover how to capture FREE Electricity from the Sun! Learn how to SLASH electric bills and save BIG Dollars with this incredible manual. It’s packed full of high-quality illustrations and simple step-by-step instructions.

Best of all, this is a fun project; one you can easily crank out in a few leisurely weekends. All you need are the few tools found in most home workshops. Everything’s easy here – anyone can do it – you can’t go wrong.

The Solar Wizard is a popular, proven design – with over 31,000 manuals sold by mail (at $39.98 each) since 2009. Friends kept bugging me to bring it to Amazon; so here it is. We’re talking endless, high-energy, and pollution-free electric power here. Now, saving money while going GREEN has never been easier.

Compared to $20,000+ factory-built units, it’s quite economical – a very wise investment. When it comes to keeping hard-earned dollars in your wallet, where they belong, it’s the only way to go!

Nothing man-made is perfect – and even “top-of-the-line” factory-built systems are not immune to failure. They’re complex, requiring skilled, high-paid, technicians to diagnose and repair – leaving you to foot the bill for replacing expensive “manufacturer-approved components.”

While the Solar Wizard isn’t perfect, its simple design lends itself well to inexpensive repair. You’ll save a bundle by doing it yourself – simply by following the easy and detailed steps called out in my handy Troubleshooting chapter. I think you’ll agree – starting your own Solar Wizard project is the way to go!