The RMR500ES +ECO By Oregon Scientific Reviewed

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Coal and gas won’t be available forever, so switching to green energy sources makes sense. As solar panels become more efficient, it’s likely that solar will contribute more energy to our national grids. By using solar panels in your own home, it’s possible to save energy and keep your electricity and gas bills down. Using solar panels will decrease the national energy usage because you won’t be drawing national energy for the devices which use solar power. What’s more, did you know that lowering your thermostat by just 1.5 degrees can lower your heating bills by up to 10%? That same 1.5 degree reduction can reduce the greenhouse gasses in your household by up to a tonne.

The Oregon RMR500ES Solar Charging Clima Control can help you save energy and lower your bills by monitoring heat and dryness levels. A wealth of data is at your fingertips, with humidity and temperature data from up to four rooms in your house. The energy and money savings are limitless with the RMR500ES Solar Charging Clima Control. You can adjust your heating thermostat to a more ideal level based on the data from the Oregon Scientific RMR500ES Plus control unit. You can keep home energy consumption in control with the solar-powered Oregon Oregon Scientific RMR500ES Plus. There’s a wealth of data at your fingertips with the crystal-clear LCD display, allowing you to make an informed decision. Data is transmitted back to the centra unit from the sensors; three of which can be placed outside to gather outdoors weather data. So, is the unit hard to set up? Not at all! The Oregon Scientific RMR500ES transmits its data through wireless signals, leaving you with no unsightly wires. Oregon Scientific are a recognised market leader in providing informative and innovative scientific products. Formed in America in 1989, the company is renowned for its Smart Clocks and Weather Stations.

Anxious for more savings? Don’t forget to check Oregon Scientific’s website regularly for special offers and money-saving deals. As well as the usual discounts on products, there are discounts for checking out online. You can even get free postage and packaging on many of the products offered through the company’s website. I’m certain you’ll LOVE the RMR500ES_Plus – and your energy bills should drop drastically. The RMR500ES will likely pay for itself many times over from the energy saving you’ll get from using it.

Source by Andrew Jamaz