The Most Controversial Debate of Wind Energy

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So long the conventional energy continues to increase, alternative energy is being prominent in local home community. However, wind energy left without criticism. The advantages and its disadvantages are accounted to its wide acceptance as the most effective and efficient alternative sources. I am going to discuss further the pros and cons of wind power that would aid you in making decision.

Wind power is abundant. This is most commonly true in American region where a vast community user is initiating the expansion of the whole country main environmental thrust. It is also inexpensive. The energy productivity is relatively high with corresponding low maintenance. Unlike with the traditional source of energy where the trend of inflation is increasing, resulting to a high market value of petroleum products. Wind force is the most clean and free energy sources. The process is entirely natural in nature. With respect to the amount of energy, wind energy is incomparable to conventional source, because it provides no limit. Wind power is everywhere. As long as the sun continues to shine, the production of wind power is virtually limitless. However, wind energy plays negative roles. It is irregular. There are places where the wind is intermittent.

One of the arguments with this proposed alternative is that, the consistency of energy is not predictable. It actually constitutes the biggest negative aspect of wind energy. Also, it has an above average transfer cost. To move the generated electricity from the place of extraction to the place of use is high. Some people who wish to start engaging to renewable energy find it costly. It requires a high amount of investment and requires a professional for the installation. And lastly, wind energy has a large opportunity cost. They tend to make use of land for other purpose instead of being construction site for wind turbine.

Source by Erick Juanich