The Five Common Sources of Renewable Energy

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The world currently relies heavily on nonrenewable sources such as coal, oil and natural for its energy. These energy sources are nonrenewable, which will eventually dwindle and causing environmental damages that are too expensive to be recovered. In contract, renewable energy resources will never run out because they can be re-produced endlessly. Moreover, they are clean and environmental friendly. With the technology improvement that significantly reduces the cost of using renewable resources to generate power, it will become the major energy solutions for the future. Let’s use review the five major sources of renewable energy, which the world is focusing on as the long-term energy strategy for future.

Energy Source #1: The Sun

The most common renewable energy source is either directly or indirectly from the sun. The energy from solar power can be directly be used for home uses. In fact, many of homemade renewable energy systems are built based on solar power system. The solar power has been widely uses as the alternative power source to generate electricity, and for hot water heating, solar cooling and to power a variety of home appliances.

Energy Source #2: The Wind

Besides the sun, the wind is another commonly use renewable energy source. The movement of wind is captured with the blades of wind turbines to be converted into electric energy, and then turn into electricity via transformers.

Energy Source #3: Biomass

Biomass is a renewable energy source, derived from living organisms such as plants, wood and waste. Although the Biomass has not been commonly used like the sun and the wind, mainly due to the complexity involved. However, scientists are making a good progress toward generating electricity and producing transportation fuels.

Energy Source #4: Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on the earth. It can be easily found many organic compounds, as well as water. Many of us may hear about the new concept of cars which run with water, is the one run on the Hydrogen power generated from water. Unfortunately, hydrogen does not occur naturally as gas, it always combined with other elements, such as it combines with oxygen (H2O) to form water. Therefore, it needs to be separated from other element first before it can be burned as fuel or transformed into electricity.

Energy Source #5: Hydropower

Hydropower is a power generated by taking advantage of gravity when water falls from one level to another. Usually, the kinetic energy of water is captured with water turbines and turns into electric energy to generate electricity.


The technology improvement has enabled the generation of power from renewable energy at lower cost then before. The above sources are the five major renewable, nonpolluting, and reliable energy sources.

Source by Dave Stilman