The Effects of Natural Alternative Energy Sources to the Environment

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More and more people are aware of the bad effects of fossil fuel to our environment. This is the main cause of air pollution. The airs we breathe are full of carbon dioxide that is emitted by vehicles. This chemical is harmful to our health. There is an urgent need for cleaner air and thus we must resort to other alternative sources of energy. During the nineteenth century Rudolf Diesel rode the first vehicle that is driven by biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel fuel is the fuel derived from vegetable oils. He firmly believed that biodiesel is the perfect fuel because it can give no harmful effects to the environment, human being in particular. He was given the privilege to speak in front of many people and he emphasized the benefits that come from biodiesel.

However, the fuel sector was not convinced. They know that biodiesel is difficult and costs more than biodiesel fuel. They started to manufacture fuel from fossil fuel and renamed it diesel. From then, the diesel fuel became the famous fuel because it is cheaper. After only a
century after, the effects of diesel in the environment became very imminent. This brief biodiesel history informs us the need for other energy sources that could help in at least maintain the environment and save the world from further environmental decay.

Solar energy is one of the best alternative energy sources. It is the source of other energy sources, who, in one way or another, gather its power from the sun. The wind power, the biogas power and the water power are all examples of such. Biogas power gets energy from waste materials that are emitting smelly but power-laden gas. A fine example of this gas is the gas that is used to cook food. The wind power gets it subsidiary power from the sun’s rays. Likewise does the geothermal and the water power.

The wind power has been a traditional power source. It had been in use of the farmers of the older times to help them in the physical task of everyday farming. The windmill helps them in the pumping of water and in the milling of the grain crops. These windmills are now modernized and are called wind farms. These wind farms are constructed in and off shore. Floating wind farms, as the name suggest, are wind farms that are floating in the ocean. They generate more power than the regular wind farm because the open ocean offers more wind energy. It also lessens the negative effects a wind farm can give to picturesque scenery.

Geothermal energy is the energy that comes from hot rocks under the earth. The hot rocks will heat the water. The hot water will emit steam. The steam will provide the heat energy needed by buildings and other industrial purposes. These alternative energy sources are all-natural and the big beneficiary of all these changes is our environment. The natural alternative sources of energy provide unlimited resources for mankind. The future generation will reap the fruits of the seeds we sow today.

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