The Blue Mind

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The blue mind

The beauty of the Sky, the blue sea in a full moon night

gives the tired traveler a harmonious blending Of Mind

Sitting on the shore aiming at the uncounted Waves

he  feels mesmerized by Nature.

Looks to the sky with innumerable stars and the full moon, lighting the nature

His agitated nerves calm down as the gentle wind pierces his sorrows and grief

and totally he merges In the womb of nature, feels delighted and Presence of divinity.

With a beautiful mindset experiences The entire world.

All his Memories since childhood till date become enchanting and marvellous

He recollects his childhood, young age and present  merge Into a unified whole

Remembers the concept of ageless body and timeless mind, feels conteted and happy

Nothing Is permanent in this mortal world, only divine love, peace and bliss are his ornaments.

He makes his dream strong and powerful and with proper synthesis of thoughts

See that diamond crystals are formed and he Is enjoying a divine power wthin

his hopes and dreams are converted slowly Into diamond crystals

All his sorrows and mental anguish are over for ever.

With a powerful and blue mindset returns to the present world

Sees hope everywhere, works together with his  family and friends

all his goals, desires and aims are fulfilled and he enjoys a blissful life

and helps others to reach their goals and fullfill their dreams.

With the help of nature the mindset thus developed takes him to a greater height

 He feels delighted and sees the world in a calm attitude,

joins his work and does his duty  qualitatively and magnifiscently

With hopes of change ,prosperity,abudance and light.