The Answer to Cheaper Electricity – Off The Grid Homemade Power Generators

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Cheaper electricity is what everyone is looking for and for those that have the ability to hit a nail with a hammer you can get free electricity from off the grid homemade power generators.

The most common off grid power generator is solar panels which are used both to create electricity as well as to heat water. They are very reliable and will produce excellent power for your home if you live in an area that has a lot of sunshine. Purchasing solar panels has been the biggest stumbling block for many people as they are still extremely expensive. So how can you get cheap solar panels and where?

  • Build your own solar panels at a cost of around $200.

This price includes all components but will not include the DIY manual that will set you back in the region of $50. There are a multitude of DIY instruction manuals online at this price range and most of them include detailed step-by-step instructions. Even if you only have a very basic knowledge of DIY, you can build your own solar panels. One of the greatest advantage of building your own is that you can build more of them as the need arises and maintain them at no further cost.

Wind turbines are also an excellent choice for anyone living in a windy environment. Wind turbines are very easy to manufacture and install. The most popular pre-made wind turbines are those used on marine vessels and which can be purchased from yachting outfitters, but the cost of these can be relatively high. Cut cost and build your own.

  • Build your own wind turbine for $100.

Again this price is excluding the cost of the manuals, but these are usually included the solar panel kits, so you only have to pay for one and get the other free. Excellent value and a great way to find out about other off grid power devices.

Over the last few months, the internet is abuzz with magnetic energy devices. These devices have now been modified and simplified for domestic applications. Hundreds of the diy manuals are selling online with some extremely happy customers building their own magnetic energy devices and saving on their monthly bills.

If you are looking for some great ways to generate cheaper electricity for your home and you want to take responsibility for your carbon footprint, then off grid power devices are the way to go.

Source by Steve Smith