Testing Solar Generator Wagan Cube Plus

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http://wagan.com/solarcube?gclid=CjwKEAjw2qzHBRChloWxgoXDpyASJAB01Io0tvtWfSh6-FCOsJODj7ShpzukjlcYcM_WsUws1A6JARoCOhjw_wcB Look at …



19 thoughts on “Testing Solar Generator Wagan Cube Plus

  1. v mol

    would you get this or the nature's generator that is 1000 and has 1800 watts? i like that this is all in 1 unit, but, would you consider the other one? trying to decide between the 2. thanks

  2. Corporate Data Solutions

    Great video and very informative I liked your overview of all the components. I just bought one at Costco. It does exactly whatI want and great expandibility withe battery and solar panels. It’s extremely heavy, sliding handle is good but a little bit flimsy in my opinion, I think it is ok but can bend if it is put under some stress. The modified sine wave inverter is also a bit fussy. I have tried four laptops to,charge from the ac outlets and each time it brings a the fault light on when I turn on the inverter and a loud whine beep. And that’s even before I even turn he device only plugged in the charger not sure yet why it is spitting the dummy. I plan on testing to see if I can change the battery to a lighter lithium battery at some point, changing the solar controller to a MPPT one and changing to a pure sine wave inverter after the warranty runs out. If I have any success I’ll post my results. Great Review Thanks


    I bought one then I built one after educating myself on solar power. Very handy set up but very expensive for what it is. I built a system of 7-100watt panels, 8 deep cycle napa batteries, a mid grade charge controller and a 5000watt inverter. I'm very happy with it's performance and it cost me about the same as the solar E-cube 1500. Around $1500 and it's plenty for my families needs. Heat, refrigeration, cooking griddle, hot plate, coffee maker, tv/dvd, sound bar, etc, etc. I highly recommend that everybody do something to provide yourself with off grid emergency power.
    A simple 500watt inverter on a car battery will get you by for a few days. Thats like $50 on Amazon.com or Ebay.com

  4. Mauro Constantino

    Mucho dinero para tan pocos amperios. Con ese dinero me compro un vehiculo y consumo de su bateria. Podria ponerle unos paneles flexibles en el techo del vehiculo si quisiera cargar una segunda bateria y una tercera tambien.

  5. Lisbon Cycle Tours

    thank you for the review, was great! can you tell us how long can you run the tv with the full battery of the the CUBE? how many hours? you said that you had this 3 things, xbox, tv and heater running at 2.30 hours, more 20 minutes of review, and to be honest is hard to believe, is to good to be truth 🙂 kind regards from Lisboa 😀

  6. NewfieMike

    i like your video very informative… i just bought one off a guy for about a third the retail price because it was used as a display model. Just doing the initial charge and will start testing it out in a couple of days

  7. Dean Boland

    Thanks incredible mate.
    I am in the market for a system to run a camping fridge,phone,lights,iPad, small tv. Have you any idea on how long it takes to charge on mains electric From flat?
    How long does it take to charge in cigarette lighter?
    Many thanks.

  8. imasurvivornthriver

    I LOVE THIS STUFF! You have two SOLN1's, and two of these units??!!! You will be SET for a power outage or a grid down type of situation! YESSSSSSSSS!!! I'm right behind you! I have the Kodiak Solar Generator (1100 watts up to 1500 watts) with 250 watts worth of panels to go with it and a couple smaller solar systems with re-chargeable batteries to power our ham radios, cell phones, lights, etc… My unit only weighs 25 lbs. We may also be looking into a system like this in the future.

    How long does it take it to fully charge in the sun, car, and wall outlet???? I LOVE the fact that it has enough power to operate that heater and an A.C. unit and that it has wheels to roll it around with!!! Solar generators are the WAY TO GO in an emergency situation! I'm looking to get another unit to daisy chain it to my existing Kodiak so that I could power my 1500 watt vitamix blender, my motorized grain mill, and my electric portable stove.

    No need to deal with smelly gasoline and loud noises like those gasoline powered ones. No need to wait in those HORRIFICALLY LONG LINES at the gas pumps in an emergency situation trying to get gasoline to power it. These units are WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD, and I think that it's money WELL SPENT! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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