Tekkit GalactiCraft Mod Solar Panels, Electric Compressor & Furnace Ep.19

Tekkit Minecraft GalactiCraft Mod Mission to Mars – I go over the new machines added to the latest GalactiCraft Mod version 2 on the current Tekkit Main mod pack. Machines included are as follow: Basic Solar Panel, Advance Solar Panel, Electric Furnace, Electric Compressor, Coal Generator, Circuit Fabricator and Energy Storage Module. I also Cover some of the basics of wires.

Tekkit Main for Minecraft 1.6.4

About the Galacticraft Mod:

Galacticraft is a mod that allows you to build rockets, explore new worlds and establish space stations and colonies. Each alien world has its own ores and unique properties, and as you explore these worlds, you can unlock new schematics to build different vehicles in the NASA Workbench.