Taking the Mystery Out of Heating Blankets

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If you are thinking of purchasing one of the many heating blankets on the market today, you should know it's a great investment. These blankets are great to curl up in on cold winter nights by yourself or with a companion. However when you decide to buy one there are so many on the market that it is hard to figure out which one is the best choice.
When making this choice you can select from two different types of heating blankets:

1. Electricity based one

2. Battery operated one

The way that most models work is that all of them contain wires inside the lining of the blanket. Those wires are what produced the heat that keeps you warm. If it's an electricity based blanket it will have a plug that will protrude and you plug that into the wall. If it's a battery one then as long as it's got battery power you just turn it on, if it's out of battery power you just recharge or replace the batteries.

No matter which model type you have, it will have a very handy set of adjustable heat settings that you can tell it what temperature you want and it guards you up to that setting especially if you have a dual control blanket . This is a great feature as room temperatures fluctuate and personal preferences can change as well.

When you decide to buy one of these you also want to pick the right size for your bed. You want to choose one that corresponds to your bed. If you have a queen size bed then you should purchase a queen size model.

One of the biggest concerns when buying this type of bedding is how you go about cleaning it without ruining its heating ability. That really will depend on which model you decide to buy. Each one comes with instructions on how to clean it safely. Always follow the instructions because if you do not you can ruin it. Never ever dry clean it as the chemicals used in dry cleaning can ruin the insulation that covers the wires.

Source by Jan Shaver