T4D #10 – Lead-crystal battery, solar power lab, Panavice PCB holder – ExSolar

I discuss my visit to ExSolar and the Lead-Crystal battery they have given me to test / review.
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In this video:
* I show the lead-crystal battery I will be testing from ExSolar.
* I show my Panavice PCB holder that arrived.
* I talk about the project to solar power my lab

Lead crystal battery details:

12V 22Ah / 10H Lead Crystal Battery

Hardware Features
The Lead Crystal Battery out performs any other battery technology at extreme temperatures due to no fluid that can freeze and expand causing bending of plates. The battery functions from -40 to +60 C°.
The expected life of the Lead Crystal Battery technology is 7 to 10 years, with a 3 year warrantee. A 5 year warrantee is also available.
The technology’s shelf life is 3 years without constant float changing.
The batteries can be mounted on the side with no risk of spilling.
The battery can be discharged 100% and can be recharged with no special charging processes, no memory is formed.

It generates low internal temperatures during the charge and discharge functions.
The battery is designed to work with a 5% ripple current, which will only affect the cycle life by 1% under normal conditions.
When overcharged, the battery will recover normal.
Recharges up to 5 times faster than competitive products