SPG366A600 – 600 Watt Solar Power Generator with Pneumatic Mast from Larson Electronics


The SPG366A-600 Watt Solar Power Generator with Light Tower Mast is a towable lighting package powered by two deep cycle AGM batteries and charged by a mil-spec 600 watt solar panel. This unit offers quiet, fully standalone operation and incorporates features designed to improve security and provide economical operation.

This 600 watt solar powered generator recharges two included 366 amp hour capacity batteries at 24 amps per hour. Compared to an everyday diesel unit, the new solar panel can save the operator thousands in just a few months. Taking into consideration that an average diesel power generator unit costs approximately 6,000 dollars a month to run and maintain, the 600 Watt solar power generator could pay for itself through eliminated fuel costs in just a few short months. The solar power generator is designed for low voltage applications and is ideal for powering a wide range of our LED lighting products.

Especially in situations such as entertainment events, work areas, and other applications where the lighting must be placed close to the benefactors, the elimination of noise and fumes typically associated with diesel generators is a great benefit. Solar power generators offer a low maintenance alternative to traditional diesel powered generators that require refueling and a qualified diesel mechanic to maintain and/or repair them.

Lights are not included with this unit. We can outfit this tower with your choice of lamps and offer a wide variety of LED light bars, spot lights, flood lights and work lights which are fully compatible with this system. Contact us at Sales@magnalight.com or call us toll free at 1-800-369-6671 to learn more or outfit this system with your choice of lamps.

This solar powered generator consists of two high capacity batteries, solar panels and supporting gear to feed current from the panels to the batteries. The components are simpler and the operator is dealing only with low voltage. The following explanation will help you determine which lights will work for what length of time on this solar powered generator.

The 2 military spec 300 watt panels recharge the batteries at 24 amps per hour. With 12 hours of sunlight, the panels will replace 288 amps. The 2 gel pack batteries inside the generator are rated at 183 amp hours apiece, for a total of 366 amp hours. Thus, it takes 15.25 hours to fully charge the two batteries. In order to assess how many lights you can power with this generator, you need to calculate the number of amps the lights draw and how much sunlight is available to charge the generator. You also need to factor in length of light run time and length of charge time. Irrespective of the lighting choices, Ohm’s law applies. Divide the total wattage by the voltage to get the amp draw.

In this case, we are using a 24 volt configuration, so all wattages are divided by 24. For example, 4 of the LED10W-9S LED light fixtures at 7200 lumens each, generates 28,800 lumens and draw 15 amps per hour on 24 volts. In this scenario, the lights pull less amps than the panels can replenish on an hourly basis. So the operator could run the lights for a longer time period than the charge time period.

Alternatively, you could use 8 of the same LED lights to generate 57,600 lumens. In this configuration, the operator is consuming 30 amps per hour, which is 6 more amps per hour than the solar panels can replenish. 16 hours of sunlight would enable the operator to run this configuration 12 hours at night.

In a third example, an operator runs 4 HID-6670 High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights. With a combined light output of 25,200 lumens, these HID light draw approximately 12 amps. In this scenario, the operator could run the lights for 12 hours and need only 6 hours to completely recharge the system.

SPG366A-600 Mobile Solar Power Light Tower
Power: Two deep cycle AGM batteries
Generator: 300 watt mil-spec panels, 24 amps per hour
Lights: Bar holds up to 10 lights (Lights not included)
Total Current: 366 amp hrs @24 amps per hour
Leveling: Four 1200 lbs crank jacks
Tower Weight Capacity: 150 lbs
Boom Height: Up to 15 Feet
Efficiency: 100% Solar Power, no fuel
Charge Time: 15.25 hours to complete charge
Output: Low Voltage 12-24 VDC
Noise Level: Silent
Mounting: Trailer, Removable Axle, 70mph Max Speed
Run Time: Dependant upon light selection

Fully Solar, No Fuel Needed
Removable Axle
15 Foot Telescoping Tower
Multiple Light Options
Long Life Deep Cycle AGM Batteries
Withstands 165 mph Winds

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