SOLN1 2000 Update – Battery-free Solar Generator

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The SOLN1-2000 works great on the job site. It mixed cement and cut rocks all day long. I will be making a DIY build video soon. Projects Links: …



47 thoughts on “SOLN1 2000 Update – Battery-free Solar Generator

  1. Mytime34
  2. Stephen Morton

    fantastic. this arrangement is perfect for intermittent, large current draws like power tools. it just keeps topping off between bursts. just make sure to oversize the inverter and it will last for years.

  3. A Video Production

    are those super capacitors?

    your first Soln1 inspired me a couple years ago to build my own but i have been doing research on super caps as a battery replacement . would love to know more about ur battery replacement size an panel size as well

  4. helpmonkey

    how is the 2000 design coming along? you might be interested in advanced linear devices SAB MOSFETS for cell balancing seems like a very simple and elegant solution.

  5. Funny1048

    this is awesome ive been thinking about building a solar system with a capacitor bank and have been wondering if these capacitors are safe before building it becuase i believe they cant shock you since they are 12 volts but ive been wondering if this is true with even the high farad capacitors like lets say 500 farads at 12 volts.

  6. Mark Villanueva

    Hey @lasersaber I have a question or anyone here.. I have 24v system and is looking for a really good inverter like this one in this video, anyone know of one for a good price and quality?

  7. Ennio Pelliccia

    I can't wait for you to upload the diy build video

    What if someone changes the solar panel with a generator powered by woodgas? I'm following Victorygasworks and his device looks good

    or you could use a bycicle generator, like the manoj bhargava one

    I don't really know a lot about electronic so please tell me if my ideas are wrong or feasible

  8. MtotheM

    There is no thing as free energy, even if you go solar you have to spend loads of money on solar panels, which most likely won't last that long and you will have to buy new ones in the near future.

  9. PirateKitty

    Not practical on a construction site at all. You need Li-ion for that, and lots of it. Something in excess of 10 KW/h.
    These caps are best suited as back up batteries. Something like C/100.
    You would not be able to cut one of those stones from begging to end. Let alone a few dozens.
    Forget about the compressor, the power tools battery chargers, skill saw, chop saw, etc…
    A Nissan Leaf bank connected to 2 x 48v-3000W inverters will do the job for about $8k.
    if you wanna build out in the wild, and don't have access to gas, or don't want to freak out the nature around you by running a generator, it's the only way to go.
    I built one and used it to build my cabin in the Canadian wilderness. Now, its a part of my solar power system 🙂
    Only have 500 W of panels. nuf for me.
    I set aside $100/ month to buy 2 panels a year. In 10 years, with 25 x 100 W panels, and as the batteries age, I am ready to run mostly on the panels alone. During the night, I'm a sleep and the cabin consumes 20 W/h.
    Heating is by propane, but who knows what the future will hold …?
    EDIT: For those of you interested in wilderness living but don't want to be savages, check out:

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