Solar Wireless Baby Night Light – featuring MPOWERD Luci Inflatable Solar Light with Nightlight Cover Handcrafted in USA by Terra Friendly. Nice Baby Shower Gift. (Moons and Stars)

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Your Night Light never looked this good.

Two leaders in revolutionary product ideas that make a difference around the world have teamed up to bring you a truly original product – the MPOWERD-Terra Friendly Luci Night Light.

We started with the leader in solar lanterns – Luci by MPOWERD. This inflatable lantern light charges just by setting it in the sun, so you’ll never need to buy a battery. And, it’s completely safe – cordless, never heats up, and features 3 settings of bright, clean lighting.  Use it in your children’s nursery, kids room, bathroom, or anywhere you need a little light.  These lanterns are lightweight, waterproof and completely solar, making them perfect for any family adventure, as well as camping, backpacking and emergency kits (they also have a handle for easy carrying.) Plus the built-in battery level indicator lets you know just how much charge you have left.

Each solar light comes with a handcrafted, washable slip cover, available in an array of patterns.  These patterns and material have been handpicked by Terra Friendly, and sewn in the USA by hard working seamstresses.  Our professional team members take the utmost care in preparing your cover, assuring that it is beautiful and practical.  And, we inspect each cover for quality and fit.

Give you and your kids the best – no other night light on Amazon provides both solar, eco-friendly qualities, AND the comfort of a snuggable cover that our hybrid product does.

MPOWERD is a New York City-based B Corp that creates innovative and affordable products to help people fit clean energy into their daily lives.

Terra Friendly inspires greater connection to family and the outdoors, offering products that improve our adventures, thus increasing our awareness of our awesome planetary home.
Embrace Yourself. Embrace Our Planet.TEACH YOUR KIDS to be environmentally conscious. Sunlight is all you need. No cords or batteries.
100% SAFE. Waterproof, no scratchy hard plastic, bounces quietly, soft covers are washable.
KIDS LOVE TO CARRY IT AROUND. Take it in the pool or bathtub. You can totally submerge this light.
VERSATILE. Bring camping, hiking, backpacking, boating or biking. Great for tents or emergencies.
PROTECT OUR PLANET. Packed in recycled and recyclable materials to minimize our impact.