Solar Roof Ventilation | Solar Powered Roof Vents

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The SolarArk ceiling ventilation system available now at Top Frog Energy. This roof …



6 thoughts on “Solar Roof Ventilation | Solar Powered Roof Vents

  1. steven rowe

    A 30c reduction in roof space.
    Over the past two weeks i have measured outside ambient temperate and also temperature in the roof and it has consistently been 20c hotter.Note this is measured. how can it reduce temp by a claimed 30C?????
    The roof space would be cooler than the ambient temp of the outside air it is drawing in.
    On a roof of a home with a 200 square metre footprint the roof area will be greater than 200 square metres..
    I hace it on good authority that each square metre of concrete roof tile absorbs around 1000watts therefore the thermal mass in the roof is greater than 200kw which is an enormous amount of heat.
    Somehow this 30 watt fan is never ever going to reduce the temperature you claim.

  2. Top Frog Energy

    Our new #unboxing  video of the solar powered roof vent from SolarArk. These solar vents are the best on the market offering the same performance as 15 traditional whirlybirds!

    They're great at reducing the running costs of your air conditioning system by minimizing heat build up in your roof which radiates into your living space.  #solarpower   #solar  

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