SOLAR powered TRAIN Coach : Indian Railways (Experiment)

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The next time you travel by train your coach is likely to be powered by the Solar Panels for supplying power to the Lights, fans, Air Conditioners , charging points …



48 thoughts on “SOLAR powered TRAIN Coach : Indian Railways (Experiment)

  1. Ben

    Good idea.
    Maybe they should place the solar panels
    1) On the stations/platform/ roof

    2) between the two rails along the track and use the energy generated from them to power the trains.

  2. TastyAl

    When Indian want to do something, it would be the best in the world. Now India has solar train, tomorrow India will have solar passenger plane. Respect!

  3. Soumen Nayek

    And again those random western motherfuckers shitting on indian video as usual with their fucking logis.. I think they have no life except searching indian news and indian videos on internet and putting fucking comments on it… Just destroyed every comment section with their shitty logics.. They all are certified motherfuckers I think.. They can just focus on their own country and leave india alone.. Their fucking nasty faces should be inserted to their mom's dirty asshole bloody dog fuckers.. Thier sisters should be gang banged by their pet dogs.. lol

  4. Esoteric Desi

    IR needs this ASAP… it's a good thing for the whole nation since IR already uses so much fuel/electricity directly from the main grids, they won't be using it as much w/ all coaches making their own power to run fans, bulbs and various other tech features…

  5. emailshe

    I would really think the objective of having solar panel on a train is for solar power companies to earn money thru Govt so its a waste of Tax money stolen by Private and Govt decision makers. The new Govt's blind emphasis on Solar power helps this.
    10 to 13 watts per sq Ft is what it can give. That too the surface should be clean and polished to make us of all the sunlight. Impossible to maintain on top of a moving train exposed to dust.
    Normal incidence of sunlight can happen only for 1 to 2 hours during the noon after which the power produced will be even even less. What about 0 output on rainy days?
    Solar power is economical only for remote villages with no wires. The cost/maintenance output and consistency level of non conventional energy sources like solar and wind can never match that of power grid. IF you depend on Solar you will still need a fall back plan to power grid during rain and you will end up in losses. That's why most of our world is still not depending on solar. But it is a good way to divert Govt funds without the public questioning the profits.

  6. Mathias Böhme

    Great idea, it's a start at least.. I've been thinking for a long time, why not put PV panels as a sort of roof over the tracks across the entire line (wherever it's going East-West so panels could be south-facing, and only where not covered by trees/buildings etc), it would shade the train (less AC!) and the electricity fed directly into the overhead cables, which would then double as a grid..?

  7. Shamrao Vinekar

    Our earlier Railway Ministers like Lalu Prasad Yadav, Nitish Kumar, Ram Vilas Paswan,Bansal,Mamata Bannerjee et al never had this vision of saving power bills for railway compartments.They only added trains to please the voters without adding any facilities.New trains bring rail fatigue on existing lines due to increase in frequency of trains which are prone to crack and cause accidents.Our politicians are not concerned with the safety of passengers.Whereas, Mr. Suresh Prabhu is adding facilities to existing rail network.Better compartments, better rail catering, On Line Ticket reservations, beautification of railway stations,utilizing and leasing excess vacant land of railways to build commercial structures to get more revenue for railways,Chemical toilets inside compartments ,clean platforms, solar powered railway platforms are some of the facilities being implemented by the present Railway Minister to make the railway better and profitable and reduce power bills.

  8. Hari Singh

    This is just gimmick for unsuspecting people. I know electricity and this is just impossible to run a train from solar power. It's not fault of our PM, but the people surrounding him. God bless !!!

  9. Swamynathan Iyer

    Good News. So what will they do with the present Dynamos that is used to charge the ACs,Fans,Lights, & Mobile chargers ? Why not run the whole train on Solar Energy like the French Plane & an Aussie Ship!

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