Solar Powered Charger for Phones, Pads and Electronics – Never be Without Power Again! SPC12k Portable Power Bank Battery for Charging your Devices from BW Distributors – Lightweight, Long Lasting and Durable – Water and Shock Proof. Dual USB with Carabiner. Get Yours Now.

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Solar Powered Charger- Solar Power in the Palm of your Hand

Lightweight and Durable Portable Power Bank to Charge Your Electronics

– Have you ever been ready to take the perfect photo and found out there is no charge on your camera?

– Needed to charge two devices and only had one car charger??

– Lost the ability to listen to music at the beach because you drained the battery?

– Are you tired of running out of power on your electronic devices at the wrong time?

Introducing the SPC12k 12,000 mAh Battery Charger for Power Anywhere!

– Dual USB ports to charge multiple devices at the same time.

– 12,000 mAh capacity provides long lasting power and quick charging of your devices.

– The SPC12k can be charged via a USB connection and The Sun.

– Powerful 280 mA monocrystalline solar panel.

– Meets IPX6 water resistant standards.

– Solid, quality construction prevents against damage if you drop the unit.

– Contains a LED torch.

– Comes with a carbiner and USB-micro USB cable.

People who use the SPC12k love the convenience and flexibility it provides. The long lasting battery can be re-charged between 500-800 times. Our quality manufacturing allows BW Distributors to offer you a one year, no questions asked warranty. The combination of battery storage, size, weight, durability and flexibility make the SPC12k the premiere solar power pack available in the market. You can buy with confidence!

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Powerful 12000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery for long lasting use and charge.
Designed for easy portability and use in any environment, the lightweight and durable design is water, dust and shock resistant.
Large Solar Panel, Environmentally friendly silica gel and a rubberized protective covering.
The perfect product for Campers, Hikers, Bikers and busy on the go people who enjoy being outside but not away from their electronics.
Backed by a One Year No Questions Asked Warranty!