Solar Power is Clean Power

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Solar power is clean power. Solar energy is the future, and the future is just about to hit you square in the face. The energy generated from the heat or light from the sun will soon power the entire world, all by itself. Solar power, also called solar energy, can be used to produce heat, light, hot water, electricity, and even cooling. It is reliable and efficient, especially now, and as time goes on it will get even better. Solar power is even evident on cloudy days, because much of the sun’s radiant energy can reach you even through the clouds. That’s why so many people get sunburned on overcast days, they play outside all day without sunblock, and end up sunburned.

Solar power is produced by using photovoltaic (PV) cells that capture the energy of the sun and convert it into electricity. The basic units of the system are solar cells, all of which are connected together into modules. Solar power is rapidly becoming the solution for many businesses and home owners who want to control the escalating cost of electricity. Global warming and generous rebates and tax incentives are in the process of ushering in the next wave of alternative energy. Solar power is also currently being widely used by owners of recreational vehicles (RVs) and luxury boats as well.

Solar power is a major player in a sustainable energy plan. In sunny areas, many people have installed panels on their roofs to help with powering their air-conditioning, lighting, and other household necessities; people are beginning to find that the panels pay for themselves. Solar power is an incredible source of power emanating from a practically inexhaustible source – the Sun. It is a form of energy derived from the Sun, which is then converted into electricity or heat. Solar power is actually the heat that we receive from the Sun on a daily basis. The Earth, being placed at a certain distance from the Sun, receives enough light and heat to keep it warm.

Solar power has to be part of the global energy mix. The global power economy is in the early stages of a shift as profound as the shift when gasoline began to be widely used. It is currently heavily dependent on government subsidies to promote rapid introduction and acceptance by mass markets. Solar is an inert process that makes it difficult to compare to other non-inert technologies when comparing costs, considering that current solar modules are generally warranted for a 25 year life span.

Solar power is pollution free during usage. Production end wastes and emissions are manageable using existing pollution controls. The power is made from the sun’s rays, which is completely natural and renewable. Concentrated solar power, also called solar thermal, is a means of gathering solar energy distinct from the use of photovoltaic (PV) panels. Instead of directly converting solar energy to electricity as in PV panels, concentrated solar power concentrates sunlight onto a relatively small point, which heats a medium.

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) systems use lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam. The concentrated light is then used as a heat source for a conventional power plant. Concentrating solar power systems generate electricity with heat.

Source by Julie Landry