Solar Power Bank X-DNENG 10000mAh Built with SUNPOWER Portable Solar Charger Super Shockproof Waterproof Output Quickly With LED Light Dual USB-Black

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Why Chose X-DNENG Solar Charger
Formal manufacturers, New products!The best combo of portable external battery pack, solar panel and emergency LED flashlight, not only for charging and backup but also for entertainment.

Products Details
Capacity : 10000mAh
Batteries : Ultrathin polymer batteries type batteries
Life : 500 times
Solar panel : 5.5V / 1.2W
Enter : 5V 1.5A
Output 5V-2x1A
Volume : 5.51 * 2.95 *0.79in
Product Weight : 210g
Color:Black + orange, black + black, black + blue
Charging time : 7-9 hours

Multifunctional Combo
X-DNENG Battery Pack continuously provides power to your hungry phones/tablets; the solar panel generates power for emergency; the Two bigger LED light will light up your surrounding.

On-the Go Solution
Rugged built with great portability, you can hold it by hand, put it into pocket, hang it on your backpack or tent with the carabiner included in the package; every port is covered by rubber for weatherproof and shockproof protection, very considerate for Outdoor Activities.

Rapid Charging with Safety
We use the world’s safest battery: Grade A rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, which is easy to charge and can charge other device at a top speed, most important, it’s not possible to explode even over-heated; SUNPOWER solar panel captures sufficient sunlight and converts it to power efficiently for emergency charging.

1.Working Temperature: -20~60 degrees centigrade. Please do not place the charger on over-heated surrounding for continuous charging to avoid built-in Battery swelling up.
2.The solar panel is mainly for emergency use, it won’t fully charge the charger for its compact size. We recommend charge X-DNENG via an adapter or computer to shorten the charge time for daily use.Superior Panel: Built with SUNPOWER solar arrays, solar conversion efficiency up to 25%-30%,while most panels in the market are only 15%,Input 1.5A, higher than ordinary products 1A, charge more quickly
High-Quality Materials: Higher quality of the materials to make the shell more shock drop resistance, waterproof level(IP68), beautified with slica gel material, will not affect the feel
High Capacity: Built-in 10000mAh high capacity ultrathin polymer batteries,better than lithium battery, with two bigger LED lights, 5V-2x1A Output, charge two devices simultaneously, more, faster
Package Contents: 1*X-DNENG 10000mAh Dual Port Solar Charger, 1*12.2 inch USB Charging Cable, 1*mountaineering hook,1*User Manual
Our Commitment:45 days money-back,12 month worry-free warranty and friendly customer service