Solar Photovoltaic Technology and Systems: A Manual for Technicians,Trainers and Engineers

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This comprehensive training manual discusses the various aspects of solar PV technologies and systems in a studentfriendly manner.

The text deals with the topics such as solar radiation, various types of batteries, their measurements and applications in SPV systems emphasizing the importance of solar PV technology in renewable energy scenario. It also discusses the method of estimating energy requirement; SPV modules, their formations and connection to arrays, grid-connected SPV captive power systems, tips over troubleshooting of components used in solar PV system, and system designs with plenty of illustrations on all topics covered in the book.

The text is supported by a large number of solved and unsolved examples, practical information using numerous diagrams and worksheet that help students understand the topics in a clear way.

The text is intended for technicians, trainers and engineers who are working on solar PV systems for design, installation and maintenance of solar PV systems.