Solar Panel Cost Depends on Kind of Cells You Choose

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Type of solar cells

There are 3 main types of solar cells and solar panel cost is very much tied to the choice you make.

-Mono-crystalline silicon is the most efficient and makes the smallest solar cells, and therefore the smallest panels. These cells are suitable for roofs with limited size.

-Poly-crystalline silicon produces the next most efficient type of cells and are a popular choice.

-Amorphous (better known as thin-film) silicon is the rational choice. It uses the least amount of silicon but also produces the least efficient solar cells. This is directly reflected on the size, so thin film system take up more space than the other two. That could be limitation and an important factor to consider in case of possible future upgrades, and will have impact on solar panel cost.


First two types will give good results in cooler places that still have enough light during the day. Those are usually northern parts of countries with preferably sun exposure for the most of the day. Even with some shading you will still get decent power supply.

So-called thin-film cells are more suitable for warmer areas with more shading during the day, but you have to keep in mind that they are more bulky and require more space for installation.

While thin film panels will require much smaller solar panel cost than mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline, they do require a great deal more roof space. If you have northerly facing roof, its space is very valuable solar power real estate, and you’ll need to consider carefully your future plans. If you believe that some time you might wish to add on more panels, it is necessary to ensure that you’ll have the space to do so. Worst scenario would be that sometimes, down the road, you find you’ll need to replace thin film panels well before the end of their serviceable life.

So, to bring solar panel cost down, you have to figure out best choice based on location and available space for panel installation. And keep in mind that this solution will upgrade your house and give it more value.

Source by Garry Moss