Solar Install Pt 2: No Drill No Holes Solar Panel Install On Fiberglass RV Camper Van Class B Roof

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Part 2 of 2: Finalizing install of the 100 watt Renogy panels on the fiberglass roof of the Roadtrek Campervan without drilling any holes. Today we add the final …



16 thoughts on “Solar Install Pt 2: No Drill No Holes Solar Panel Install On Fiberglass RV Camper Van Class B Roof

  1. cathie426

    Hi Tom: Love this video but don't want to use roof mounted panels on my PW. I bought the Dokio folding 200 watt panels so I can move the panels into the sun if I am parked in the shade. I also have an additional 80 watt Dokio folding panel that I will eventually join with the 200 watt. I have two 12V Interstate batteries. I think the controller that came with the Dokio only does 10 amps and want to upgrade the controller as well as use permanent connections on the batteries (vs. the supplied alligator clips) because the batteries are located on a heavy, PITA slide-out tray. What would you recommend for a suitable controller and connections that don't require major mods to my PW (translation–easy for a woman to hook up)?

  2. JLD Systems, Ltd.

    I really like this idea for no holes mounting of solar panels to the Roadtrek. However, I sat watching the whole video worrying about if you ever need to work on the wiring on the rear of the panel. Have you thought about how you will get access to the junction box on the back of the panel?

  3. 100toeface

    You made a video titled no holes and I flipped through the whole video and can find nothing that shows or discusses how you got the panel wires into the van without holes

  4. Lynette Ring

    why don't people put blankets over the panels when they are hot to the touch or when they don't want them to be 'hot' with electricity as they connect all the components? Seems like a no-brainer safety precaution.

  5. Christopher Cruise

    "Flex Seal" with the Coked out spokesperson "Phil Swift" is actually like no other roof sealant for RV'S,it is a different self leveling sealant amongst all the standard norm products available,maybe they use Porn Blob Splooge in their patent pended formula,Ron Jeremy's retirement job.

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