Solar Energy: Simplified, Dignified, and Cheap to Use For Me and You!

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The sun shines, we collect the sunlight, we use the energy from the sunlight to power our homes and businesses. Doesn’t get any more simple, does it? But okay, I know you need a more detailed explanation for it, right?

Chances are you’ve been searching for the right information for a while and you need, no you deserve, more than a single line definition. Well, I’m going to share with you my best explanation of the subject so that you will further understand solar energy beyond just asimple definition.

The sun produces huge amounts of energy. A single day’s worth of harnessed sunlight can produce enough energy to power a large country the size of the United States of America for an entire year. Yes, it’s that powerful.

If there’s that much readily available energy available to use to power our homes and businesses, wy are we using natural resources like oil and coal that will dry up in the long run? The main problem lies in subjects like politics and economical issues. Arguments can go either way on these topics, but that is a subject for another day…

There are many options for harnessing sunlight.The way you choose is actually dependant on the way that you plan to use the energy. But there are basically two categories that any way will fall under. These are converting energy for heat and converting energy for electricity.

Using solar power to heat homes is a perfectly practical example of the first category. There are two ways that can be used, the first one relies on the positioning of your home’s windows and the second actually involves using the wonder of homemade solar panels to power your home.

Solar water heaters are available as well. All you have to do is construct a solar panel or two and then send the power to heat your water to put through faucets, showers, and more.

Using solar energy is truly great. It doesn’t spew out dangerous pollutants such as the ones that constantly deplete our atmosphere everyday from natural resources like oil. Not to mention the sun is still very much alive and we don’t have to worry about it disappearing on us for a long time to come!

Source by Bradley Montagno