Solar energy- A Boon to Mankind

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Solar energy is a form of renewable energy that can serve different purposes. Since a long time, human beings are exploiting this energy using various tools and technologies for the enlistment of the society. Solar energy has a large number of applications in various fields. This article is all about the various benefits of the solar energy.

The sun is a consistent source of power that will be with us every time. Unlike fossil fuels that release carcinogens, green house gases, carbon-dioxide and other poisonous gases in environment, solar cells do not release any of these venomous gases in the air. Thus it is environmentally friendly that does not pollute the air.

Solar energy portals are highly reliable as they do not contain any moving parts. Hence any sorts of replacements are not required. In fact, electricity for 1000s of hours with little or no maintenance can be easily generated by using solar energy portals. In the midst of numerous renewable energy resources, this is the only resource that makes no noise while collecting energy from them. These sources are completely silent.

Solar electricity is cheaper as compared to other sources of electricity. There is a start up cost but after that it does not require any more investments for the production of electricity. Once break even point is reached, everything after that is profit. A number of solar panel systems are available. Some of them can be expensive and some can be very cheap. This means that everyone has the entry point to get into solar panels.

Connecting to power grid is not at all required. Everyone can live off-grid and can become self-sufficient. Excess electricity that is generated can be sold if a large solar panel system is built. Easy money can be made by using this method as all the power companies will gladly buy the excess electricity. Hence, there are various benefits of solar energy.

Source by Anjali Goswami