Solar Crackle Glass Color Changing Wind Chime

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This patented Stainless Steel Solar Color-Changing Wind Chime by SOLAscape® has LED light bulbs in the center of the crackle-glass striker that morph from red, green, cyan, blue purple and back to red in a constant color changing cycle to create a dazzling display at night. Four tuned stainless steel chimes provide an elegant soundtrack to the show. Amorphous solar panel charges the battery and provides up to 8 hours of light per charge. Protected by US Patents 8,077,052; 8,362,700; 8,089,370 & 7,336,157 (we invented it!). Includes one (1) 300 MaH AA NiCd rechargeable battery. Features ON/OFF switch for convenience. Includes Hanging Frame.Color-Changing – Crackle-Glass Sphere illuminates at dusk, cycling through a symphony of colors.
Solar Powered – Charges in the sunlight and glows for over eight (8) hours when fully charged.
Beautiful in Sight & Sound – 4 stainless steel wind chime tubes of differing lengths and notes are each hand-drilled and hung from their individual acoustic node locations for enhanced acoustic resonance.
Durable & Weatherproof – Stainless steel will never rust! Each tube is hung by rot-resistant, multi-strand nylon for enhanced durability.
Dimensions: 13.7″ inches long (top to bottom), 6″ inches wide