Solar Air Heaters – How Do They Work?

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A recent but highly effective creation which has recently been introduced onto the Home DIY Energy market are Solar Air Heaters.

In the same way that homemade Solar Panels and Wind Turbines have revolutionized the home energy market, Solar Heaters are now becoming an increasingly popular method for heating homes all over the world.

So how do solar air heaters work?

Even I was amazed at the very simple and very basic looking details of how a Solar Air Heater actually works.

There really is nothing complicated by these and even the build instructions which are also available, are easy to understand too!

As previously stated, Solar Air Heaters work by incredibly simplistic methods and simply utilize the heat from the sun by capturing the sun’s rays and converting that energy into heat.

As sunlight enters through the unit, the sun’s rays are trapped and give off heat. In fact, the heat generated in a solar air heater can reach temperatures of up to 220 degrees so it’s fair to say they certainly generate plenty of warmth!

As cool air enters into the system, it is in turn, heated by the unit. This warm air can then be directed into your home. A solar panel is not required to run this system although they can be used if required to help power a blower fan or thermostat.

They are a genius piece of equipment and if made correctly, they can help heat your home, workplace or garage for many years to come.

A well built Solar Air Heater will provide a stable and reliable source of heat for many years and one of the greatest and most rewarding benefits will be realizing the significant cost saving to your heating and utility bill.

Source by James Stewart